Birth Doula Questions


How Many Clients Do you take per month?

Note* Industry standard is 3-6 clients per month. Doulas a use to juggling clients and when they are due. An EDD is just an estimated date of delivery, NOT a guarantee. Doulas focus on months, not dates. Anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks is considered full term.

What is your stance on Medicate vs. Unmedicated Birth?

Do you have a Particular Coaching style?

How many Prenatal Visits do you offer and what is covered in each visit? Postpartum Visits?

Note* Doulas offer between 2-3 prenatal visits. However, some may offer more or less depending on circumstance and need. 

How are payments structured? Do you require a portion down? Full payment up front? Payment plans?

Note* This will differ per Doula

Do you accept FSA or HSA payments?

Birth Doula Questions


Do you have a time limit of support?

Note* There may be a clause in the contract that states, after a certain amount of hours, she has the right to reserve to call another Doula to support for long births extending over 12 hours or more.

What is your Back-up Doula Policy?

Note* All Doulas should have a Back-Up policy in the event she is at another birth or sick. Remember, life happens!

How Do you support, educate and help involve my partner?

Note* It is their birth too! Partners experience birth on so many levels that deserve respect and honor. How does the Doula involve the Birth Partner in the entire process from beginning to end, is very important to know. 

Do you have an "on-call" Policy?

Note* Some Doulas only go "On-Call" for your birth at a certain number of weeks gestation. This is very important to know in the event of a preterm labor and delivery. 

What happens if I end up needing a C-Section? Will I get a partial refund?

Do you have any specialties that can aid in my overall birth experience? Is there any extra fee ?

Note* Doulas can also be massage therapists, acupuncturists, chefs, Ayurvedic practitioners, placenta practitioners, belly binders and so much more. What other skills, if any, will she have to offer throughout your course of care with them as your Doula? 

Questions to Ask a Doula


Have you supported many women of color delivering in a hospital setting?

This is good to know when it comes to hospital culture, policy and procedures to dealing with women of color, especially Black within the confines of western medicine. Are they being heard? Are their wishes being respected? 

What if I need to be induced. How does your support change, if at all?

Medical inductions can change the trajectory of labor. Does a Doula offer support and is she familiar with the induction procedures at the local hospitals. Can she provide education in that regard.

Have you supported women of size?

There are biases in western medicine when it comes to women being plus size. This can impact the level of care she recieves greatly. Does the Doula have experience in supporting the birthing parent when facing such discrimination? 

What is your experience in working with the LGBTQIA community?

Does the Doula have experience in supporting all family structures. Are there any baises or prejudices present? Does the Doula have experience in advocating for this community within hospital settings? If so, ask for an example.

What has been your experience in supporting a transgender birthing parent?

What is your experience in lactation support?

If the Doula isn't an CLC or IBCLC, does she have resources to give that offer home visits? It's best to identify one BEFORE going into labor. Remember, the lactation consultant is apart of the birthing team

Ask a Doula


Have you ever supported Solo parents?

There are many parents who have chosen to birth solo or life circumstances have led them here. What does the Doula support look like? How extended is your community? 

How long have you been in this field? Are you affiliated with any organizations we can reference?

The length of time one has been in this field is not the indicator of a good Doula. However, are they supported by or apart of any  reputable  organizations that are nationally recognized, is another valuable way of looking at this.

Have you had experience working with VBAC moms?

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. 

Do you have a birth that sticks out where you feel you learned the most from?

How has this experience shaped her as a Doula?

How do you work with the hospital staff or birthing team?

What is your timeframe for our decision?

As stated above, it is 1-2 weeks is customary. However, the Doula may have another policy in place for her practice.