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Doula Trainers

Samantha Griffin - DMV Area


Samantha, the owner of DC  Metro Maternity specializes in supporting women of color in DC,   Maryland, and Virginia as they navigate the childbirth and the   postpartum period. The core of DCMM is making expectant and new mothers   feel good about themselves and their birth-related decisions by  working  with a thoughtful, proactive, and attentive doula. Samantha  Griffin is  not only a Birth & Postpartum Doula she is also the  agency owner and  Doula Trainer. Contact

Michelle Gabriel-Caldwell - New Jersey


Michelle   Gabriel-Caldwell, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Doula Trainer,   Childbirth Educator and Nutritionist. This husband/wife team of natural   childbirth educators who teach the one and  only Bradley Method of   Husband Coached Childbirth. A 12 week series of  classes that focuses  on  relaxation, nutrition, exercise. We also  emphasize the training of  the  husband/partner to be the coach so that  the mother can be  supported  during labor. We help couples recognize  their birth rights  while  educating them on the stages of labor,  gestation and birth  plans. We  provide labor rehearsals, support and  guidance throughout  the  pregnancy, labor and postpartum. We can't wait  to help you! Contact 

Kira Kimble - Southeast Region


Kira,  is a Birth Arts International Certified Doula in Charlotte, NC    and a Birth Arts International Trainer. She is an informative  resource   for students. She puts her years of doula experience to work  when she   trains students on how to be compassionate and effective  doulas. As a   trainer she uses her vast doula experience to teach  students about how   to support families in a variety of settings such  as hospitals, birth   centers and home birth environments. She also has  experience in   supporting VBAC, Plus Size Pregnancy, high risk and a  variety of  natural  and medicated birth scenarios.  Contact

Kai Shatteen-Jones - Oakland, CA


P.O.C Doula Training. Kai  is committed to using her calm, healing energy to  support you as you  birth your new beginning. As your life shifts to  include a new being.  As you become a parent.  Kai believes that birthing  people are warriors  and should be honored, celebrated and graced with  love. Birthing  people have held and birthed new life into this Universe.  She strives  to witness your journey as  you conquer a great  challenge-giving birth  to another human being. She supports all births-  unmedicated, medicated  or cesarean births. It would be a blessing for  Kai to be by your side  during a most treasured moment.  Contact

Djifa Jones - Atlanta, GA


Djifa , the owner of A Womban's Place, teaches a certification class for The Matrona, preparing doulas to attend birth in the hospital. Djifa loves birth and babies! She is a strong advocate for trusting birth and life in general and believes in helping mothers to listen to their bodies. Djifa Richards Jones is a Holistic Birth Doula and practicing licensed Pediatric Physicians Assistant in Atlanta, Georgia.  She initially certified through DONA and then through The Matrona as a Holistic Birth Doula.  Owner and Founder of A Womban’s Place, founded in 2013, Djifa was inspired to create a Birth Support service that encompassed educational workshops, offered various prenatal services and encouraged holistic approaches to the birthing process. awombansplace@gmail.com

Darline Turner - Houston, TX


The Mamas on Bedrest AntePartum Doula training program is developed upon evidence-based practices. Doulas in the training program will learn:

  • The history of the bedrest prescription and why it is used
  • Common  pregnancy complications for which bedrest is prescribed, and treatments  mamas may be taking or undergoing while on bedrest
  • The  role of the Bedrest Doula-Non medical, ancillary support for mama and  her family (It’s not just mama! Mamas on Bedrest Doulas will be caring  for the entire family and household!)
  • How best to care for and support the “family” on bedrest
  • The Business side of bedrest

For more information and/or to register, Visit website