Welcome, Doulas

Are you seeking guidance? Meet our NBDA Approved Doulas. That means these Doulas have been in the birthing industry for 5 years or more. They have thriving Doula practices and collectively, they have supported hundreds of families. They offer in-person and online mentorship. 


  • You MUST have successfully completed a Doula training. 
  • Must commit to a minimum of 3-months with your mentor.
  • Willing to invest in your continued Doula education and meet the requirements of your selected mentor once you have been approved for their Mentorship Program.

Please Note* The NBDA Mentors facilitate their own mentorship programs. No payments are made to the NBDA. 

NBDA Approved Mentors

Meet Kira


Train With Kira offers mentorship for doulas trained by any organization. There are many benefits to being under the tutelage of an experienced doula. Mentorship offers professional development, guidance and support. This is a 6-month commitment only available to doulas who have already received training.

Meet Tanja


Tanja offers nearly 10 years as a Postpartum Doula. The fourth trimester Doula. She will work with you to guide you in client building. Developing relationships with families that can be trusted. Newborn care. Breastfeeding and more.

Meet Denise


Bold Mentorship is a safe space for birth workers to learn and grow!  A space to focus, embrace feedback and bond in meaningful unity that explores spirituality, practicality and personal growth. Work smarter, not harder. Embrace your value. Learn how to attract and maintain the presence money, wealth and abundance in your life. You are worthy! Be Bold!

NBDA Approved Mentors

Meet Rafeal


My Birth Doula Mentorship program is a minimum of 3 months with a maximum of 1 year. Included in the program are:

Supervised births

Monthly Check ins

Business consults

Building your clientele

Doula Certification support

Training in comfort measures

Possibly Placenta Encapsulation training

Spiritual Counseling

Body work

Meditation sessions

Meet Michelle


Just starting out? Or not getting the amount of clients you need to maintain your business? It's about business connections, relationships and word of mouth. How do you build your brand? How do you ensure repeat clients?   After 13 years in this business, I have multiple streams of cash flow, my months are always booked and classes are full. But most important, my reputation as a great doula is recognized by clients, doctors, chiropractors, midwives and fellow doulas.   Book a min of 3 sessions, review your business plans and get tips of the trade. Create your place in the world of birthing.