Welcome to the Online Mentorship Society

Open to all. We want you to succeed and thrive and will do all that we can to support  your growth and development on your doula journey.  Now that you have  completed doula training, the next steps in taking off in your doula  career can sometimes be challenging to navigate alone.  In our mentoring  program we offer continuous support, education and skills training for  doulas regardless of which organization you received your training from.  We just ask that you have a Certificate of Completion as verification.  

The Benefits of Mentoring:​

  • Accountability
  • Wisdom from experienced person/people in the field
  •  Support: emotional, informational and energetic holding of space for you
  • Guidance and direction
  • Receive tools for success through education and skills training​​

The online mentoring program meets in small to medium sized groups on a monthly basis for 2 – 3 hours and in a large group on a quarterly basis for 3 – 4 hours. 

Mentorship Levels