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Crown of Glory Birth - Birmingham, AL


Nadia Gramby, owner of Crown of Glory Birth Services is a DONA International  trained birth and postpartum doula serving Birmingham and surrounding  areas. Pregnancy and birth stir my heart, mind, and spirit in a way that  not very many things do. The miracle of it, the deeply sacred and  spiritual encounters that it evokes, and the strength of a womans body  to bring an angel earthside ignites the passion and calling in me. My  mission is to support and guide women and their families to the birth  that they feel best fits them. 


Sacred Soul Wellness LLC - Montgomery, AL


Dr. Tiffany Taft, PhD - Birth, Postpartum,  Preconception & Bereavement Doula.  Also a CBE & Nutritionist. r. Tiffany H. Taft has been an  Integrative Health and Wellness Practitioner since 2004, and is the  founder of the Natural Care Center, Sacred Soul Wellness, LLC. She began  her training focused  on chronic pain and rehabilitative care becoming a Licensed Massage  Therapist. She then continued her studies in the complimentary healing  arts to include becoming an Usui Reiki Master, Certified Reflexologist,  Advanced Certified and Registered Yoga Instructor,  and Aromatherapist, and is currently focused on expansion of her  practice as a Doula and Trauma-sensitive training for special populations.  Contact

Doula & Beyond Inc. Birmingham, AL


ShaTaura holds certifications in Birth and Postpartum Doula, Holistic Fertility Doula, and owns an independent company called Doula & Beyond LLC. She services in  Birmingham and surrounding areas. Services include phone conferences, live chat, email, website and text for support of the client. ShaTaura extremely passionate about the services she provide for mother’s and their families. She caters to all aspects from pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. It is a privilege for her to provide a client with a wonderful  atmosphere, where one will feel safe, have support, and knowledgeable about their birthing experience. Lastly, ShaTaura also specializes in Belly Casting where you will have memorable art to recall your birth experience.  doula.beyondllc@gmail.com

Southern Earth Mama - Birmingham, AL


Tori Rodriguez, Herbalist and Full Spectrum Doula. Tori originally started out college majoring in Nursing as I’ve always been drawn to medicine and being of service to ppl in a healing aspect. After a couple of years of working in the medical field, I DEEPLY desired to know and understand the body on a (W)holistic level. I desired to know if at all the physical condition of a person had something to do with their spiritual health. This started my journey on studying Ethnobotany and Herbal Medicine. The knowledge and remembrance I gained during this time of study and from my classes lead me to leave nursing school, quit the hospital I was working at, and began my journey as an herbalist. I desire to be and manifest a safe place for ALL women of color (whether Black, Latina/Hispanic, Asian, Persian, etc.) to be heard, seen, cherished, and healed. Contact

Thais Spot is for You!


Thais Spot is for You!