NBDA - California Doulas

Tracie Enis - SF/Oakland, CA


Tracie  Enis , NBDA Founder- Childbirth Doula, Trained Homebirth Midwife,  Placenta Encapsulate,  Prenatal Nutrition Expert, Doula Business  Strategist & Mentor.The Founder of the National Black Doulas Association.  Tracie began her career in the Birth Doula field in 2000 after her  second child was born. She has attended over 1500+ births with families  birthing in hospitals, birth-centers and homebirths. Contact

Tres Leos Doula - Los Angeles, CA


Anja Akhile, is a Pre-conception, Birth , Bereavement Doula. As well as a Reiki  master and placenta encapsulator. Anja believes that her experience of being a woman has groomed her for  the role of doula. While her goal is to support all women throughout the  journey of pregnancy and birth, her passion is uplifting and empowering  women of color. This led her to undergo her doula training with the  Birthing People Foundation led by Kimberly Durdin.  Contact

Cypress Doula & Healing Services - Sacramento, CA


My  love for birth work and babies began in 2007 when I attended a friends  birth in a birthing center. After witnessing her dig deep inside herself  with the support of a midwife and myself let me know this was my  calling. I found a birth worker mentor and a midwife who trained me and  certified me as a Doula. I am proud to say some of the first children I  was a Doula for are now 9 and 10 years old. Contact

Alizeti Doula Services - Beaumont, California


Dr. Angela Gordon-Nichols the owner of Alizeti Doula Services is a Birth & Postpartum Doula.  I  am a mother of three natural childbirths, I am new to the birth world  involving  midwives and doulas.  I experienced my first home birth this  year (2018) watching my daughter deliver my granddaughter.  This was a  life changing experience.  As I watched the midwife and birth doula help my daughter navigate  through her labor and delivery at home, I felt my purpose coming into  clear view.  I am retired with over 20 years of counseling experience and I am ready  to use this experience to help support women in whatever their birth  plan may be.  The word doula is Greek for a woman who serves.  I am committed to  serving women through their pregnancy and birth decisions as well as  helping them adjust to the first two weeks of drgnichols1@gmail.com 

Unicorn Doula Services - SF Bay Area


Meet Tiffany Turner. I  strive to create impactful pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences.  I use  massage, music, aromatherapy, visualization, breathing, and tips  on positioning as a means of improving the birthing experience overall  regardless of ethnicity, social-economic status, prior knowledge of  birthing options or prior birthing experience.
Working  with children and families has always been my passion. My first job at  the age of 14 was a pre-school teacher’s assistant and the passion for  working with children has never left. I’m currently supporting expecting  parents as a birth doula and continuously filling my doula bucket  with DONA Doula Training (I would like to offer Postpartum Doula service  as well). Addition to training I have worked in child development and  education as a preschool teacher, teacher, program director, and family  support coordinator.  Contact

Ansei Postartum Center - San Diego, CA


Lynsey Haynes, Birth & Postpartum Doula and CBE is also the owner of the first Postpartum Center in California. Ansei Postpartum Center welcomes you with open arms to our exclusive  healing and rejuvenation sanctuary. At Ansei Postpartum Center  we happily receive families in our 24 hour facility and they are warmly  cared for by our professionally trained team of Postpartum Doulas.  We  can combine the time tested traditions of having a 28-45 day confinement  period with a modern, family centered approach. Ansei Postpartum Center  assists families in the transition of learning and caring for their  babies and themselves. Our team offers comprehensive care in a private,  clean, and safe environment. We also have a variety of additional  services available to help rejuvenate and revive. Contact

NBDA California Doulas

Indigo Moon Birthing - Los Angeles, CA


Erika  Winstead,  Owner of Indigo Moon Birthing. Who is a nurturing and  compassionate companion to all of my clients.  Trained full spectrum  birth and postpartum doula. I have been trained in hypnotherapy birthing  and also offer placenta encapsulation services. I believe I am here to  use my calming healing energy to help you and your family during the  times of these precious moments. I have worked with family and friends  for years helping them during the transition to parenting and decided to  do this full time. I believe my role in providing emotional, physical  and informational support to you during this entire birthing and  postpartum process. 

My Sister's Keeper Los Angeles, CA


Christian Beckley, Full Spectrum Doula + Certified Lactation Educator. I started my journey supporting friends and family members in bringing their babies earth side. These experiences helped me realize the importance of women supporting women in labor. I view birth as a sacred experience and it is truly my passion to support women in their journey.

I take pride in serving my clients with evidenced based information. Empowering families to make informed decisions regarding birth. Contact

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