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The Decadent Doula Birth & Wellness Services - Frederick Maryland


Maria  Talton, a mother and proud grandmother,  a registered clinical  aromatherapist, certified holistic practitioner and educator, The  Decadent Doula is on a mission to provide specialized birth, healing,  postpartum, and lactation support and education to help you feel  comfortable, safe and empowered so that you can focus on what truly  matters to you: celebrating. 

Known  for her warm personality and over 25 years’ experience in the medical  field, Maria Talton is a Certified Labor and Postpartum Doula, Child  Birth Educator and Lactation Specialist, as well as a Certified Surgical  Technologist who specializes in OB GYN.  Contact

Akilah Sekhemet Perinatal Services - Landover, MD (DMV)


Akilah is a Birth & Postpartum Doula, earned a bachelors in biology, studied uterine  fibroids as a research assistant, completed training as Perinatal  Community Health Worker and received a certification in the  concentration of Perinatal Family Support. I'm a mother, a doula, a  family support specialist and (w)holistic health advocate. Contact

DC Metro Maternity - DC Metro Area


Owner Samantha Griffin is a certified birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator and postpartum placenta specialist serving DC, suburban Maryland, and northern Virginia. She unequivocally believes in the voices of women, especially black women, and will trust your decisions for your family.

Sam Olivia as she’s affectionately known, was moved to found DC Metro Maternity due to high infant and maternal mortality among black women, as well as high rates of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders and isolation among new families. DCMM exists to escort new parents and their babies through a vulnerable time- birth and the first year of a newborn’s life.

Samantha believes in creating a space free of judgment so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family. She specializes in giving you the education, physical and emotional support that you need to be supported and confident during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

Samantha is committed to DCMM being a company that provides opportunities to build the wealth and power of black doulas, black businesses, and the black community.  Contact

Sweet Bee Services - Baltimore, Maryland


Leah, a Full-spectrum trained doula. As a doula and social worker, I am  passionate about intentionally caring for women by walking alongside  them to facilitate the sweetest experiences possible. Growing up, I  heard too many stories of adults and teens feeling frustrated as they  tried to understand their bodies, advocate for their health needs, and  navigate avenues of motherhood. Everyone has questions, but they may not  know where to direct them. My mission is to provide a listening ear,  vital information and guidance for clarity so those I can support can  make informed decisions. Contact

Spaces For Healing - Norfolk, Virginia


Ria is the founder of Spaces for Healing. She is currently supporting families as a prenatal yoga instructor, birth and postpartum doula and can also offer perinatal bereavement support. She became a doula after the birth of her second child. It is of importance to her to uphold the village concept and aid in providing a safe space for families to reclaim and write their own narratives centered around pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum experiences. Having a background in social work, she is extremely passionate about the mental well being of the family and the adjustments that are made to welcome a new baby into the home. Her specialty is expectant families of multiples. She also enjoys providing Blessing Way ceremonies. She is currently working towards becoming certified in childbirth education and placenta encapsulation.     spacesforhealing@gmail.com

Greene Lotus Postpartum - DMV Metro Area


Tanja Greene, Postpartum Doula and the owner of Greene Lotus Birth services.  She’s known  as the fourth trimester Doula.  She loves all things postpartum and  newborn care. 


NBDA DMV Metro Area

Mother.Sister.Friend. Doula Services - Baltimore, MD


Brittany Martin, Childbirth Doula. I began my journey three years ago after hiring my own doula for the VBAC of my second born.

I felt a calling to birth work, so I sought doula training through Birth Arts International.

I primarily support families of color throughout pregnancy, childbirth and in the following weeks as they adjust to their new addition. 

It's essential that birthing people have support, community and access to educational resources. It is crucial that the families I serve know... I hear you, I believe you and I support you - that is what Mother.Sister.Friend. Doula Services is about."   Contact

Johnson & Associates Doula of Women's Health - Baltimore, MD


Nikita Johnson OBST-C, is a Certified OBGYN Surgical Technologist with over five years of extensive experience and education in Women's Health. Full Spectrum Doula & Lactation Consultant. She has assisted with over 300 Vaginal Births and has assisted in surgery with over 150+ C- sections. Nikita's decision to become a Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum Doula was based on her very own statement " Working in a hospital, most Maternal Mortality cases happened because "The health care worker" focused on Medical Intervention with something such as "Labor & Birth"  has already been proven to happen on its own successfully. What that means is Nikita has obtained all the necessary skills, training and education to help every mother have the best birthing experience by allowing your body to do what it knows how to do without any medical intervention. Whether you decide to deliver in a Hospital, Birthing Center, or in the comfort of your own home; Nikita will respect your birth plan and allow you to Labor, Deliver and Recover in the most preferred and comforting way of your choice.