NBDA- DMV Doulas

DC Metro Maternity- DMV Area

DC  Metro Maternity specializes in supporting women of color in DC,  Maryland, and Virginia as they navigate the childbirth and the  postpartum period. The core of DCMM is making expectant and new mothers  feel good about themselves and their birth-related decisions by working  with a thoughtful, proactive, and attentive doula. Samantha Griffin is  not only a Birth & Postpartum Doula she is also the agency owner and  Doula Trainer. Contact

Doulas of Prince George's County- DMV Area

Jacquelin Knighton is  an Owner and Regional Outreach Director of Doulas of PG County. She is a  trained birth doula, postpartum doula, placenta encapsulator,  childbirth educator and newborn care specialist. She has been supporting  women and families for over 4 years, and has two children of her own.  Jacquelin originates form Columbus, Ohio and has a Bachelors degree in  Sociology. Contact

Doula Luna Meraki - Frederick, MD (WV, VA, & PA)

Doula Luna, creator of The M.O.M. Collection, is a Full Spectrum Doula  and advocate for holistic wellness in addition to medical advice. She is  a mother of 3 children, and holds a Bachelor's degree in English, with a  minor in Women's Studies. All face to face services are limited to a 75  mile radius of zip code 21716. "My goal is to empower you to have the  control and competence over your choices and your body"Contact

Sweet Bee Services - Baltimore, Maryland

Leah, owner of Sweet Bees Services, a Full Spectrum Doula As a doula and social worker, I am passionate about intentionally caring  for women by walking alongside them to facilitate the sweetest  experiences possible. Growing up, I heard too many stories of adults and  teens feeling frustrated as they tried to understand their bodies,  advocate for their health needs, and navigate avenues of motherhood.  Everyone has questions, but they may not know where to direct them. My  mission is to provide a listening ear, vital information and guidance  for clarity so those I can support can make informed decisions. I also  give the emotional support required so clients can confidently embrace a  new season of life.  Contact

Shore Grace Family Wellness - Salisbury, MD

Meisha Shockley, of Shore Family Wellness is a Birth & Postpartum Doula. Every  family deserves non-judgmental compassionate support on the  life-changing journey of welcoming a new baby. Shore Grace Family  Wellness provides in-home services to help nurture and strengthen  families on the Eastern Shore as they transition into life with their  new little ones. 


Ren the Doula - Baltimore, Maryland

Lauren Turner, as a Doula my goal is to provide families with physical and emotional  support throughout their birth experience. Each birth experience is  unique and every mother has different needs. Birth is beautiful and can  be done with art as a intention. My goal as an artist is to connect the  two and create images that represent those special moments. Contact

NBDA - DMV Doulas

The DC Doula - Washington, DC

Malika Hook Muhammad, Birth, Pre-conception, Full-Spectrum, CBE & Doula Trainer. I trained to be a doula in 2008 by Debra Pascali-Bonoro, author of Orgasmic Birth.  After training, I spent several years working with the Philadelphia  Alliance for Labor Support (PALS), providing childbirth education and  support to families with limited financial resources. I moved to the DC  metro Area in 2011 and began providing DC doula services. Contact

The Beautiful Birth Club - Temple Hills, Maryland

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