ReByrth Doula Training Program

ReByrth - Become a new Woman. Become a new Doula

 ReByrth of the Woman

Rebyrth(ing) and Reclaiming our Her'Story 

 Rebyrth symbolizes a new beginning. A fresh start. Unlearning what we've been taught throughout history and what society told us we are. In the ReByrth Doula Training program, we bring back what was lost or stolen from us as women, while we incorporate an improved model of Doula business. The mission of the ReByrth Doula Training program is to embody the ancient healing ways of our ancestors, to empower all women as they reclaim the right to their bodies and their experiences, from Birth & Beyond.

DAY 1 - Reclaiming What's Lost

Granny Midwives & Western Modern Day Medicine & Birth

Her'Story of the Ancient Healer

Techniques of the Ancestors

Root Woman Work

Healing from the Earth

Development of Intuition

Day 2 -  ReByrth(ing)- Our Bodies, Ourselves

Doula Approach, Philosophy & Style
Birth  Physiology & Techniques

Birth Terminology & Procedures

Comfort Measures 

Prenatal & Postpartum Nutrition
Sex in Relation to Our Bodies, Birth & Beyond (Tantra)

Day 3 - ReByrth the Business 

Unlearning & Relearning the Business of Birth

A full day dedicated to Birth Business Development & Infrastructure 

Closing Ceremony

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National Black Doulas Association

SEPT 27-29th, 2019 


COST $777 

-Class Materials

-ReByrth Doula Bag

ReByrth Doula Tee

Lite snacks 



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Attend 3 Births


6 Month Online Group Mentorship

24/7 Email Support 

Official location released only to attendees

In Honor of Our Granny Midwives

We vow to carry the torch and pass the tradition.  We carry your ancestoral  knowledge and spirit with us as we lay hands on each and every woman we support, as babies are safely brought Earthside.

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