NBDA- Georgia Doulas

Tracie Collins, founder of the NBDA - Atlanta, GA


Tracie, National Black Doulas Association founder and owner. She also serves as the owner of Atlanta Doula Group. A Boutique Doula Agency that caters to a limited monthly clientele. Serving families in North East Atlanta area. Agency Owner, Tracie  began her career in the 

Birth Doula  and transitioned in to Traditional Midwifery. She started in the field in 2000 after her second  child was born. She has nearly 20 years of experience under her and has attended well over 1500 births, both as a traditional midwife and birthing doula. Contact

Mama Iya Yeyo Holistic Birthing Services - Atlanta, GA


Amy is a Matrona trained  and certified holistic birth and postpartum   doula.  Although I am trained for both aspects of doula work, I have a   special love for the postpartum period.  Everyone plans for the birth  of  the baby but we seem to forget to plan for the birth of the mother!   My  journey to this field has been a wild one but  my love for making  women  feel and be supported it where my passion lies . I strive to make  sure  the families I serve know that they powerful and in control. I  consider  it an honor and privilege to be allowed to hold space for  families and  take it with great reverence and appreciation.  Amy is also a team member of the Atlanta Doula Group.  Contact

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Mystic Momma Doula Services Atlanta, GA


Zaire  Sabb, a pediatric nurse, birth and postpartum Doula and herbalist.  I  see pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family as one of the most  beautiful things about humanity. As a Doula, I am privileged to help  women and their partners make these experiences as positive and healthy  as possible.  Contact Zaire  for more Contact

Labor Land Doula - Snellville, GA


Tamara Etienne, Birth, Postpartum & Bereavement Doula, as well as a Postpartum Herbal Care specialist. I have been amazed with the process of pregnancy and birth  since I was old enough to remember my surroundings. Listening to stories  of old and learning that there are ways that simplify labor and make it  easier and safer for mom, inspired me to go searching.

In that search, I found my birth doula, a family friend that  introduced me to a world of powerful and enjoyable birth experiences and  supported me in birthing two of my three children.

Joyful birth is possible. Contact

A Womban's Place - Atlanta, GA


 Djifa Richards Jones is a Holistic Birth Doula and practicing licensed Pediatric Physicians Assistant in Atlanta, Georgia.  She initially certified through DONA and then through The Matrona as a Holistic Birth Doula.  Owner and Founder of A Womban’s Place, founded in 2013, Djifa was inspired to create a Birth Support service that encompassed educational workshops, offered various prenatal services and encouraged holistic approaches to the birthing process.  As a mother of 3, who had a natural VBAC after a Cesarean for twins, Djifa is committed to supporting women to use their strengths to maneuver the birthing process.  She is passionate about her work with women and focuses on imbuing them with the necessary tools to achieve their fullest potential on the road to motherhood.  In addition to providing birth, postpartum, preconception and childbirth preparation services, Djifa also works with essential oils and integrates them into her birth work.  Contact

NBDA - Georgia Doulas

Birth of Phoenix - Atlanta, GA


Ny-Asia,  owner of Birth of Phoenix.  I am currently in the process of becoming  certified as both Birth and Postpartum Doula. In the meantime offer  services as a Mother’s  assistant as well as a preschool teacher.

For  as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for working with  families and supporting them in the transition of parenthood. Helping to  ensure the health of mom and baby. Contact

Your Tribe Family Services LLC in, Atlanta GA


Brandie Bishop, Birth & Postpartum Doula and owner of Your Tribe Family Services. I am a Doula in and  around the Atlanta Georgia Area! I am passionate about birthing and  postpartum persons being in control of their pregnancy and postpartum  experiences. I would be honored to help as you grow #YourTribe


Serene Labors - Atlanta, GA


Candice Stoutamire, Childbirth Doula  and soon to be Placenta Encapsulate. The experience of pregnancy and birth has evolved  over the years, especially in today’s modern era. I believe that the  need for caring, sensitive and knowledgeable support during this time is  becoming more and more apparent. I see every pregnancy and birth as a  miracle and as a Doula I feel honored to be able to contribute my  expertise to women and families. Contact

Cherishing Life Beginnings - Columbus, Georgia


LaTala Cofield is a certified Doula through Bellies of G.R.A.A.C.E Foundation; Gestational & Reproductive Resource Alliance Center on Education and Empowerment taught by the renowned Dr. Ameena Ali and childbirth educator. LaTala  is a Birth and Postpartum Doula in Columbus, GA and serves Muscogee  County and the surrounding areas (Troup County, Harris County, Marion  County, Chattahoochee County, and Russell County, AL). She will travel  to the Atlanta area as well. She is  passionate about empowering women through physical, emotional, and  informational support. Her goal is to reconnect mothers to their natural  birthing strengths and instincts. She is the mother of 4 beautiful  girls and the youngest she birthed at her home in Columbus, Georgia in  September 2015.


Sage’s Larder - Brunswick, GA


Jovan Sage, Fertility Doula, Herbalist & Wellness Coach. As an herbalist and holistic health coach, I work one on one to help people find their connection to their food, their health and their full life. I have studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Health Coach who acts as a supportive mentor and wellness advocate working with clients to help them feel their best through food and lifestyle changes. I have also studied herbalism at the Florida School of Holistic Health and The Herbal Academy. Contact

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