NBDA Mid-West Doulas

Doula's Intuition - St. Louis, Missouri

Nikki Hudson, a birth Doula who believes that helping, educating, and guiding  women through the birth process is key. Having a strong support system,  will and can solve issues women are having while delivering our  children. I promise to serve you and your family fully during your  precious and intimate time of need.


Labored With Love - Kansas City, KS


Lydia-  I  am a registered nurse, working in Labor & Delivery since 2013. I   have worked as a travel nurse in different states, which has allowed  me  to learn different useful methods and introduce them where  beneficial to  my laboring moms. It has been my pleasure to help  families welcome  their new baby into the world and help them fulfill  their best possible  birth experience. I enjoy working with moms who  labor with or without  epidurals and assist them with  massage/positioning/breathing techniques;  to achieve a calming labor  experience. I also have experience in water  birth and cesarean  deliveries.

I have been trained as a doula through the DONA International program and I'm also certified in breastfeeding.

Motherly Love Doula Care Services - Milwaukee, WI


Raven,   owner of Motherly Love Doula Care Services offers  both birth &  postpartum Doula Services. - "I’m the proud owner of Motherly Love Doula  Care. I have a passion for helping women through the most amazing times  in their life (Birth). My mission is to change many lives and forever  be a support to mothers and their families. I have certifications from  spinning babies to Bengkung- African binding and so much more. I am here  to provide amazing services. Feel free to reach out at any time!"

Mommy N Me Professional Maternity Services - Dayton/ Columbus, Cincinnati, OH


Nena Reed, birth Doula and owner of Mommy-N-Me. Nena is currently working on becoming a nurse midwife but  wanted to jump start my mission of helping women have a positive, safe,  and memorable birth experience. I am a Registered Nurse, whose passion  for childbirth and Women’s health has led me to become a Doula. Although  as a Doula I will not perform any medical task I want you to feel  comfortable and confident in my ability to assist you. I am also a  certified CPR instructor. Contact

BeeReady Doula Services St. Louis , MO


Brandi Belger is a Birth Doula.  I support mothers and their families  during pregnancy,  labor, and postpartum.  I want to make sure that the  mother is educated  in the power her body has to grow and birth a baby,  the  birthing  process,  and the hospital practices. Mothers and their  their families  will be informed on birthing techniques  and comfort  measures used to  assist during labor.  My main focus is to empower  women! beereadydoula@gmail.com

BirthRight Doula Company, NPO - Chicago, IL


Gabrielle Smart is a Birth, Postpartum & Full Spectrum Doula. BirthRight provides support, education, and programs for families from  the preconception period through the youngest child's 5th year of life.  We are dedicated to helping families of color, families who identify as  part of the LGTBQ Community, and other "minority" populations who are  consistently denied essential rights related to childbirth, reproductive  health, and other resources. Our flagship program-our Doula Services,  are provided in Chicago and Atlanta, with 5 other major cities being  added early 2019. Through our Doula Mentorship program, we train and  assist new doulas in starting their doula practice while maintaining a  life sustaining income. We strongly believe that we are not here to  EMPOWER our families-but rather help them utilize the tools needed for  them to seek and ultimately empower themselves.


NBDA Mid-West Doulas

Nicole Miles - Chicago, IL


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