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Mpowered Souls - Charlotte, NC


Melinda Graham is an Author, a Master Intuitive and Reiki Level II Practitioner that merged those skills to become a Spiritual Navigator. For many years I denied my own personal gifts and after going down the path of self-discovery to gain clarity around my gifts I began to use them on myself as well as others doing personalized readings and teaching.  

In addition, I have recently became Postpartum Doula certified through Cornerstone Doulas which allows me to support new families after welcoming their new gift.  Contact

MINE-R-T Doula Company - Charlotte, NC


Kira   Kimble is a Birth Arts International Certified Doula in Charlotte, NC   and a Birth Arts International Trainer. She is an informative resource   for students. She puts her years of doula experience to work when she   trains students on how to be compassionate and effective doulas. As a   trainer she uses her vast doula experience to teach students about how   to support families in a variety of settings such as hospitals, birth   centers and home birth environments. She also has experience in   supporting VBAC, Plus Size Pregnancy, high risk and a variety of  natural  and medicated birth scenarios. Contact

Love2Serve Health Wellness & Doula Services Greenville, SC


Stormi Harmon, Doula, Health Educator, Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator and I focus  on Holistic Nutrition.  Birth, babies,mamas and providing solutions for  my community fills my heart. I am so grateful that The Most High has  allowed me to serve others at some of the most important times of their  lives. I truly feel this is my purpose and being allowed to grow in it,  has been nothing short of a blessing. Every time I am welcomed into  someone's birth space, or trusted to help them make life changes I am  completely honored to be by their side.  Contact

Prism Doula Services - Greer, South Carolina


Kortney Lapeyrolerie, Full Sprectrum Doula, owner of Prism Doula Services strives to help clients feel empowered at any stage of decision making around reproductive health and early infant care. While serving all who seek support in Upstate South Carolina, Prism Doula Services was specifically created with underserved communities in mind. This includes, but is not limited to, those who identify as:

-Racial/ethnic minorities

-Single parents






Journey Doula Services, LLC - Pittsboro, NC


 Tanishia Thomas,  a DONA International Trained Birth  doula serving the Chatham County, Hornet County, Chapel Hill, Carrboro,  Durham, and Apex areas. As your birth doula, my goal is to facilitate a  fortified support system to ensure your ideal birth experience, in  whatever form it may come. I, of all people, know how unpredictable life  can be. However, comfort, support, and advocacy during your birth  experience should always be expected. I am here to provide that for you. Contact

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