NBDA- North & South Carolina Doulas

Endayo - Durham, NC


Joy is a Birth Doula and the owner of ENDAYO, a holistic wellness and doula  company with locations in Durham and Atlanta. She is passionate about  about guiding birthing individuals to knowledge and wisdom that allow us  to make empowered choices about our bodies, families and lives, and  recalling and reclaiming ancestral wellness practices, such as community  care. ENDAYO provides wellness and doula services created by people of  color with people of color at the top of mind.  Contact  joy@endayo.com 

TJACK Doula Services - Charlotte, NC


Kira   Kimble is a Birth Arts International Certified Doula in Charlotte, NC   and a Birth Arts International Trainer. She is an informative resource   for students. She puts her years of doula experience to work when she   trains students on how to be compassionate and effective doulas. As a   trainer she uses her vast doula experience to teach students about how   to support families in a variety of settings such as hospitals, birth   centers and home birth environments. She also has experience in   supporting VBAC, Plus Size Pregnancy, high risk and a variety of  natural  and medicated birth scenarios. Contact

Bellies to Babies - Greensboro, NC


Brittany Curry, specializes in providing the best Birth and Postpartum Doula Services  in her area. She is a crunchy,  homeschooling mom of 3. Her doula  practices focus on education and advocacy. She recently joined The Labor  Ladies Birth Collective for additional community support. When she  isn’t supporting birthers, Brittany is teaching holistic living,  postpartum care and positive parenting. She is  trained through Birth  Arts International. Brittany enjoys indulging in family activities and  crafts. She is willing to travel up to 2 hours for families with limited  access to doula care (surrounding Greensboro, NC).
Additional Experience: extended breastfeeding, cloth diapering and baby wearing.

Contact phone number: (336-609-3560)

Momma's Village Doula Collective - Fayetteville, NC


The Momma's Village Collective is comprised of Birth, Postpartum, Full Spectrum and Pre-Conception Doulas. Their services also include CBE, Placenta Encapsulation, Nutrition and Lactation Consultant. Contact 

Journey Doula Services, LLC - Pittsboro, NC


 Tanishia Thomas,  a DONA International Trained Birth  doula serving the Chatham County, Hornet County, Chapel Hill, Carrboro,  Durham, and Apex areas. As your birth doula, my goal is to facilitate a  fortified support system to ensure your ideal birth experience, in  whatever form it may come. I, of all people, know how unpredictable life  can be. However, comfort, support, and advocacy during your birth  experience should always be expected. I am here to provide that for you. Contact

Boho Wellness - Greensboro, NC


Mystique Hargrove, Full Spectrum Doula,Breastfeeding Counselor/Lactation Specialist, Holistic Wellness Counselor and Consultant. Coming from over  decades of generations with a family made up of healers and advocates,  Boho Wellness, LLC was created in the loving memory of the founder's  grandmother, Olivia, who was also known as "Mother Canada." The  ancestral healing practices and rituals taught to her as a child  provided such a rich and liberated passion that was destined to aligned  her to assist and serve those in need. 

We  want to provide a circle of love, support, education, empowerment and  awareness to tap into the inner (healthier) warrior from within. Contact