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Denise Bolds, Bold Doula - New York, NY


Denise  comes from a heritage of matriarchal southern healers & leaders.  She is a published writer, radio show host/producer, birth advocate,  public speaker, Contact

Baby, Please! Birth Services - West Orange, NJ


Michelle Gabriel-Caldwell, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Doula Trainer, CBE, Nutritionist and Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. We are a husband/wife team of natural childbirth educators who teach the one and only Bradley Method of Husband Coached Childbirth. A 12 week series of classes that focus on relaxation, nutrition, exercise. We also emphasize the training of the husband/partner to be the coach so that the mother can be supported during labor. We help couples recognize their birth rights while educating them on the stages of labor, gestation and birth plans. We provide labor rehearsals, support and guidance throughout the pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

We are excited to announce that Michelle has recently become an Evidence Based Birth Instructor teaching parents AND birth professionals. She can also offer contact hours to doulas, midwives, nurses, etc. These workshops or hybrid (in-person/online) classes can offer quick tutorials or in depth childbirth education using the latest evidence to enhance birth experiences from a 360 degree perspective.  Contact 

Valencia Andrews Doula Services - New York, NY


Valencia Andrews, M.Ed. , DONA-trained  Birth and Postpartum Doula, providing services in the Lower Hudson  Valley, southern Connecticut, northern New Jersey and the Greater New  York City area. My path to birth work was inspired by supporting many  close friends and family during their labor and delivery experiences.   It was these formative experiences that guided me during my early  training, informing my current approach as a doula, of being centered on  wholehearted attentiveness and providing a calm presence, while giving  non-judgmental, physical, emotional and spiritual support to pregnant  persons. Contact

Light Work Birth Services - New York, NY


Nuratu, owner of Light Work Birth Services,  is a full time holistic birth and postpartum doula, and homeopath in training, servicing women and families in the greater New York City area.
She believes in supporting women through their entire birth and postpartum experience, and providing the necessary nurturing of mothers and babies that makes for a positive and enriching birth experience. She aims to provide a space that allows mothers to step into and embrace their power and works to provide information and  options for women and families.
As your doula her attention to detail will be unmatched as she is invested in your care.   lightworkbirths@gmail.com

Queen Doula Services - Brooklyn, NY


Nicole Williams, owner of Queen Doula Services is a Birth and Postpartum Doula and Placenta Encapsulate. Contact

The Doula’s Garden - Brooklyn, NY


The Doula's Garden, is a Postpartum Doula service founded by Brianna  Burton, a Brooklyn resident, wife and mother of two toddler boys.  Brianna is committed to helping you navigate parenthood with  compassionate, evidence-based infant and new parent education. Contact

NBDA New York & New Jersey

P.E.A.R.LS Consulting - New York, NY


Simone Junious, Full Spectrum Doula and Mom of 2.  We live a holistic and natural lifestyle, as I am a self-proclaimed  "herb-nerd".   I am also a corporate and soft skills trainer, coach  & full spectrum Doula with over 20+ years of combined experience.  I  have functioned in a multitude of situations that calls for a combination of nurturing care, diplomacy and attention to detail.   Birth in a hospital setting will require all of these skills to ensure  you receive the best care and experience possible. I am also a certified  epidoula.  Simone.Junious@gmail.com

Karma Tudor, Inc. - New York, NY


Karma is a Birth & Postpartum Doula & Yoga instructor. She teaches Gentle & Restore classes, which is just as it sounds, a gentle flow of asana coupled with moments of settling into a posture to allow the body to feel restored. Her HIIT Yoga class is the complete opposite with a high energy hip-hop playlist to encourage fun while you work hard and sweat. In 2018 Karma read an article about the increasing black maternal mortality rate in the NY Times. She felt connected to the story since her own pregnancy could have had a dark outcome. At that moment Karma decided she wanted to assist mothers with their prenatal and postpartum experience, by becoming a doula and receiving her doula certification with Mama Glow. Karma believes that every expectant mother should have a doula, regardless of their family make-up. Contact

The Life Experience Doula Services - Mount Vernon, NY


Yanna Spellman, Childbirth Doula serving the Bronx and Westchester areas of NY. She left her career as a special education teacher to pursue her passion of providing support to families bringing new life into the world. It is important to remember that it is not only the mother who needs support, but the family as well, as they transition into this new experience. Born and raised in VA, Yanna's heart of Southern hospitality ensures she provides adequate support for you and your family. Contact

NBDA NY & New Jersey

Simply Millennial Baby, Burlington, NJ


Tiffany Trotman, Birth & Postpartum Doula. Tiffany also specializes in childbirth education and newborn care. tiffanynicole3@gmail.com

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