NBDA Tennessee Doulas

Abounding Grace Birth Services - Nashville, TN


Jessica Easter has always had a love for the miracle of child birth.  Even as a young girl she showed a strong interest in reproductive and  maternal health. Now, the founder and Childbirth Doula of Abounding  Grace Birth Services, she lives out her calling to support women in the  most vulnerable and sacred times of their lives. Her  mission is to educate, encourage, and empower women and their partners  to make informed birth decisions all while providing them with the  physical, mental, and emotional support that is needed to achieve the  birthing experience they deserve! Jessica received professional doula  training from DONA International. She received a Bachelor of Science in  Psychology from a university in southern Arkansas where she was born and  raised.  She now resides in middle Tennessee. Contact aboundinggracebirth@gmail.com

Gennisi Doula - Knoxville, TN


Ty Roberts, Birth Doula and owner of Gennisi Doula services.  From early childhood, she has had a love and fascination for pregnancy, birth, and newborns. Initially, her desire to become an OB/GYN, but with life happenings, her plans were averted. However, her love of the mystery of conception, pregnancy, birth weighed heavily in her spirit.
Becoming a doula began to be her dream and after contemplating it for some time, she finally stepped out on faith and pursued her desire.  Her desire ultimately is to serve all women, but she is passionate about being able to serve the African American community and bring awareness to the care that African American women need and deserve during this special time in their lives, as well as empower those same women to use their voices and make more informed decisions about their healthcare. 


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