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Lovely Lavender Lady Doula Services, Houston, TX

Our  vision for Lovely Lavender Lady Doula Services is to provide mothers  who desire continuous labor, birth and postpartum support. We will  promote love, peace and happiness while creating the calm. Contact

Deep Root Doula - Austin, TX

Nicole  Mills is a passionate women's health advocate, who has been a birth  doula since 2012. Her practice is centered on providing support and  information that helps her clients have birth experiences that are  respectful and enriching. She has training in using Rebozo and  hypnotherapy techniques in labor. Contact

Motherly Touch Childbirth Services - Katy, TX

My  name is Tiffany  and I am a Birth & Postpartum Doula , childbirth  educator and Im also in the process of becoming a certified lactation  consultant. Motherly Touch Childbirth Services was established in 2015.   I offer childbirth education, and also pre-natal as well as birth and  postpartum doula services in several states. I love being able to  contribute to a family's beautiful birthing experience.  I'm currently  in the process of completing another degree to assist those who are  expecting, and are dealing with drug and/or alcohol addiction.  Motherly  Touch Childbirth Services is in the process of expanding their  specialty services to include placenta encapsulation as well as  pre-natal and postpartum nutrition.  

Spring Family Doulas - Spring, TX

LaShonta  Edwards, the owner of Spring Family Doulas not only is a Birth,  Postpartum & Full Spectrum Doula, but a childbirth educator and  placenta encapsulate. Contact llwl@lashontaedwards.com

Nurturing Souls Birth Services - Austin, TX

Ayana,  the owner of Nurturing Souls Birth Services is a birth, postpartum  & full spectrum Doula. She feels called to do this work because she  realized the support and care that new mothers receive is vital to the  long term health of both baby and mother. She wants to emphasize that  birth can, and does, look like many different things. Her main goal is  to make sure that mothers are given the opportunity to know all of their  choices and advocate for themselves. Ayana is supportive of all births  and ensures that the mother and family are comfortable at all times. Contact

Anya Doula - Houston, TX

Anya, Full Spectrum Doula,  worked as a nurse for over 15 years in women's health services. She  became an LVN while serving in the U.S. Army. Most of her nursing  experience has been working in private practice OBGYN offices caring for  women throughout the lifespan. She wanted to serve women in a more  holistic and natural style so she completed the SMC Full Circle Doula Training with renowned midwife, Shafia Monroe "Queen Mother of a Midwife Movement" . The SMC training foundation is rooted in the legacy of African American midwives and the midwifery model of care.   Contact

NBDA Texas Doulas

Massage Momma - Houston, TX

Sasha Sumling, Birth, Postpartum & Bereavement Doula and the owner of MassageMomma. Sasha is also a Lactation Consultant and a Prenatal Massage Therapist. Am I truly the earthy chick; the tattooed massage therapist-doula all about women power or am I just a mom? I have asked myself that question many times before, who am I?

When  I introduce myself I say I’m married and a mom of three, but is that  it? I have three beautiful kids, all different shades of brown, cream,  caramel, and chocolate. I even have the road map to motherhood to prove  it- stretch marks. You would think I wouldn’t need any more marks, but I  do have a nice size tattoo. I even take on the joy of watching babies  being popped out the vagina. And I like it when they call me Massagemomma. 


Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond - Austin, TX

Darline is a full spectrum doula, serving  women during their pregnancies, labor and delivery and for the first  year the post partum. A physician assistant by education, Darline has  been serving childbearing women for 10 years, with a special passion for  women who are high risk as she was having her own children. Darline is   a vocal advocate for black mamas. She serves on many community  committees, has testified before the Texas legislature about maternal  mortality in black women and has written about and has been cited by  numerous media publications on birth outcome disparities in black women  and maternal mortality. 

Contact her at website

Darlline@mamasonbedrest.com or 512-288-0827

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