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Dr. Ju'an Michelle Martin - Physical Therapist


Dr. Juan Michelle Martin
Physical Therapist Atlanta, GA. Originally from the beautiful island nation of Barbados, I moved to the US for college via
a volleyball scholarship. At the time I also had the honor of representing the Barbados Senior National Volleyball team having competed also at the junior level. I earned a Bachelors degree in Biology in 2004 from the University of Montevallo with minors in Psychology and Kinesiology as I knew I wanted to pursue a career in therapy and wellness, due in part to my own personal experience as an athlete. As a student and athlete, I also had the privilege of working under the head athletic trainer, expanding my knowledge base regarding return to sport and injury prevention. I continued to do so as a graduate assistant while in PT school and in 2007, earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from New York Institute of Technology. Contact

Essentials for Birthing - by Djifa - Atlanta, GA


Essential Oils - A Womban’s Place is a Childbirth and Mother support service committed to creating complete wellness.  Its core purpose is to help women to develop tools to transform and empower themselves throughout pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.  A Womban’s Place offers Holistic Doula services, education and birthing support tools, as well as, strives to maximize the potential of a woman and her womb, with all that nature gives us (lifestyle, diet, etc.) In its entirety, it is a nurturing environment where a woman can gain knowledge and support for transitional periods of her life.


Sacred Soul Wellness LLC - Fredericksburg, VA


Dr. Tiffany H. Taft has been an  Integrative Health and Wellness Practitioner since 2004, and is the  founder of the Natural Care Center, Sacred Soul Wellness, LLC. She began  her training focused  on chronic pain and rehabilitative care becoming a Licensed Massage  Therapist. She then continued her studies in the complimentary healing  arts to include becoming an Usui Reiki Master, Certified Reflexologist,  Advanced Certified and Registered Yoga Instructor,  and Aromatherapist, and is currently focused on expansion of her  practice as a certified birth and post-partum doula, childbirth educator  (in-progress), and Trauma-sensitive training for special populations  (in-process). Tiffany comes from a traditional western  medicine clinical background and has emerged to integrate her knowledge  and passion for both Eastern and Western medicine concepts assisting  others in achieving their personal and professional goals through  self-awareness and mindful connection. In 2012, she  completed her certification as a Certified Health Nutrition coach and  has continued her studies over the years to include a full natural  health portfolio. She seeks to be an advocate and resource for  education, training, and support for women and specifically  women of color.  Contact

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Roots of Life Holistic Healing - Frederick, MD


Tabatha Seppala, Herbalist

have been a Certified Medical Assistant and Doula since 2006. I am  continuing my education to pursue my dream of becoming a Women's Health  Nurse Practitioner.  I accepted my calling as a spiritual healer in September 2019. Being  spiritually connected creates a complete image of wellness and helps  tremendously with personal growth and healing.    As a Caribbean Afro-Latina, military spouse and mother of five, I  believe life experience has been my greatest teacher. The triumphs,  trials and tribulations have sculpted me into a woman that knows not  only life's sorrows, but the strength that lies within. I attribute my  success to a support system of powerhouse women and aim to pay that love  and support forward.   I speak Spanish and also am intermediately proficient in American Sign  Language.   I have been granted access by Frederick County Public Schools to serve  West Frederick Middle School and its feeder school students. All  students are served completely free of charge!  I'm looking forward to meeting and serving more women within our  community. Contact

Nutritious Motherhood - Chatsworth, CA


Ameenah Francois and I am a Certified Health Coach who provides valuable daily inspiration and education on how to achieve and life a healthier lifestyle on this facebook page. In addition, we offer a FREE facebook group, “Nutritious Living for Busy Mom” for those that are interested in an introduction to group coaching. 

Our community includes mothers  who are working together who support each other in reaching their health and wellness goals as well as provide valuable information for women preparing their bodies for motherhood and those that are new to motherhood.   Contact

NBDA Practitioner's Directory -Colorado Springs, CO

Abiyamo - Jacksonville, Florida


Ife (means love in Yoruba),  a cultural educator, Doula, nana, maternal child  health consultant, clinical mental health scholar, and spiritual  practitioner. Contact

Smudged Life - Tampa, FL


Reiki Master, Energy & Wellness Coach, Lifestyle Medicine Consultant

Smudged Life is a Melanated Mindfulness company dedicated to helping  individuals, families and corporations build quality and consistent  mindfulness practices. We strive to improve health outcomes by educating  our clients on alternative holistic medicine and evidence-based  mindfulness techniques in order to foster the development of true  healing modalities versus maladaptive coping mechanisms, especially  within the black community.


Active Peace Maternity & Massage


Crystal Swanson, Maternity Consultant, Massage Therapist & Birth Doula. I  began my career in health care as a Medic in the US Army, and started  my massage education as I was transitioning out of the military. I was,  and still am, very interested in alternative therapies. After medically  retiring from the Army in Dec 2010, I actually completed my primary  massage education from Intellitec Medical Institute in Feb 2011 with an  Associates of Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy. My passion for  women’s health, especially during and after their pregnancy, grew during  massage school. This passion for prenatal and postpartum massage also  paved my path toward birth work and becoming a Doula.  Contact