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Dr. Ju'an Michelle Martin - Physical Therapist

Dr. Juan Michelle Martin
Physical Therapist Atlanta, GA. Originally from the beautiful island nation of Barbados, I moved to the US for college via
a volleyball scholarship. At the time I also had the honor of representing the Barbados Senior National Volleyball team having competed also at the junior level. I earned a Bachelors degree in Biology in 2004 from the University of Montevallo with minors in Psychology and Kinesiology as I knew I wanted to pursue a career in therapy and wellness, due in part to my own personal experience as an athlete. As a student and athlete, I also had the privilege of working under the head athletic trainer, expanding my knowledge base regarding return to sport and injury prevention. I continued to do so as a graduate assistant while in PT school and in 2007, earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from New York Institute of Technology. Contact

Essentials for Birthing - by Djifa

Essential Oils - A Womban’s Place is a Childbirth and Mother support service committed to creating complete wellness.  Its core purpose is to help women to develop tools to transform and empower themselves throughout pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.  A Womban’s Place offers Holistic Doula services, education and birthing support tools, as well as, strives to maximize the potential of a woman and her womb, with all that nature gives us (lifestyle, diet, etc.) In its entirety, it is a nurturing environment where a woman can gain knowledge and support for transitional periods of her life.


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Bella Tai Spa - Vag Steam

Meet  Aneesah Rashada Parker, a Vaginal Steam Practitioner. Holding a strong vision to  help more women heal themselves naturally and without surgery, Aneesah  delved deep into learning the practice of vaginal steaming and female  fertility health. 

Born  and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Aneesah is also a life  coach and extremely passionate about educating women. She's now honored  to be able to provide a service that not only allows her to inspire the  woman in her community to become all that they were created to be, but  also allows her to empower women to regularly care for their  sacred yonis (vaginas). Aneesah has always been stimulated about  bringing ambitious women together to create dynamic forces.  Contact

Nutritious Motherhood Chatsworth, CA

Ameenah Francois,  Certified Health Coach specializing in supporting mothers health journey  through the pregnancy and postpartum periods. Prior to my  certification, I worked as a social worker 17+ years providing support,  education and guidance to parents of children ages birth to 3 with  developmental delays or risk factors such as prematurity. Now, as a  health coach, I provide the same passionate support through health  coaching sessions and trainings. I was blessed to have an amazing  pregnancy & postpartum experiences and want to help you create and  maintain a healthy and satisfying lifestyle for you and your baby. I  can't wait to work together.

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