Specialized Doulas

There are Doulas that specialize in areas outside of birth and postpartum. These Doulas are trained and support women and families going through miscarriage, abortion and even death. Here are just a few questions to ask to help guide this delicate time in one's life. 



What led you to this field?

Doulas have all kinds of reasons, sometimes personal, that have led them to this specific field. It's a great way of learning if there are some relatable experiences there. 

What has been the most beneficial to you in doing this kind of work?

Have there been circumstances that were too hard for you to support?

What is the timeframe in working with you?

Depending upon need, support may vary.

Do you have other resources that would be beneficial for me during this time?

Local services that will aid in the healing and transition process during this time.

How do you support immediate family, if any, affected by this situation?

This can apply  in circumstances of a hospice situation with Death Doulas and also offering sibling support in the event of miscarriage.