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There  are many ways to prepare your placenta for ingestion. Some women feel  comfortable putting placenta in a smoothie, or creating a special recipe  for it. Some women even consume it raw. These methods will work, but  they limit the length of time you are able to utilize the benefits of  placenta to a matter of days.

The  preferred method of ingestion is by capsule. The placenta can be dried,  ground, and encapsulated. The capsules can then be taken daily for a  number of weeks. You reap all of the healthful benefits of placenta  quickly, easily and discreetly, and the capsules will last indefinitely  (for years). When you have recovered from childbirth, you can freeze the  capsules and save them for menopause.

Placentas  are rare and powerful - make the best use of the ONE available.  Encapsulation is by far the optimum choice for ingestion and  preservation.


Why do this? Mostly, placenta pills may help to:

• Increase general energy
• Allow a quicker return to health after birth
• Increase production of breast milk
• Decrease likelihood of baby blues and post natal depression
• Decrease likelihood of iron deficiency
• Decrease likelihood of insomnia or sleep disorders
Helps to restore your natural hormonal balance

Placenta for Healing:
Many  people of the world have known the secret power of the placenta as a  medicinal supplement. Among the Chinese and Vietnamese, it is a  customary practice to prepare the placenta for consumption by the  mother. The placenta is thought to be rich in nutrients that the mother  needs to recover more readily from childbirth. In Italy, women have been  known to eat parts of the placenta to help with lactation. Hungarian  women bite the placenta to expedite the completion of labor. And  knowledgeable midwives in this country have their birth mothers take  bites of raw placenta to help stop hemorrhaging, due to its beneficial  Oxytocin content.

There are a variety of potential  benefits to placentophagy. For one, the placenta contains vitamins and  minerals that may help fight depression symptoms, such as vitamin B6.  For another, the placenta is considered rich in iron and protein, which  would be useful to women recovering from childbirth, and a particular  benefit to vegetarian women.

Research on  placentophagy is still in its infancy, although there is a large body of  research beginning to develop on postpartum hormone fluctuations and  health. Researchers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)  conducted a study that focused on CRH (Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone).  CRH is a stress reducer, and is generally produced by the hypothalamus.  During the last trimester of pregnancy, the placenta secretes so much  CRH that the levels in the bloodstream increase threefold. However, it  was also discovered that postpartum women have lower than average levels  of CRH, triggering depressive symptoms.1 They concluded that the  placenta secreted so much CRH that the hypothalamus stopped producing  it. Once the placenta was born, it took some time for the hypothalamus  to get the signal that the CRH levels were low, and to begin producing  it again. This is another sign that there is likely a biological cause  for the baby blues. 

Workshop Saturday May 30th - $300 - Atlanta, GA - Enrolling Now Only 10 spaces available

Reserve your space. Location will be given week of workshop. Deposit of half required to reserve your space . Balance due no less than 2 weeks before class.   No Refunds. Limited Space. Certifications given upon completion of training. 

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Tips On:

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  • Building Solid Contracts
  • Faith over Fear 
  • Monetizing Your Gifts & Talents
  • How to stay or become relevant in a difficult market
  • Is there such a thing as competition


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Limit 100 person - per training

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Live Q & A at the end of each training

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